From Lori van Echtelt in the Netherlands

I started Mariposa Import because I was frustrated at the lack of quality products in Europe in 2004. I took the matter into my own hands. I also knew that having natural hair was not a fad for me but a way of life. I was used to folks making their remarks about my hair within earshot ,”Girl, You need to get a relaxer!’ I giggled out loud and shook my head. Their remarks had no influence on me. I did not understand why a total stranger had something to say about my hair. It said more to me about their own discomfort with natural hair.

We all know that it can be fun looking at You Tube videos or photos of hairstyles.  There is nothing wrong with that. You can’t help but admire the sheer talent that is on these videos. Many of these YouTubers have more talent than so-called “hairdressers” who are afraid to touch natural hair. And the ones who do touch your hair are quick to rake a comb through dry natural hair. I am a patient woman but when I witness that, I loose my patience. Hair care is not supposed to hurt.

But what happens if that fascination turns to obsession?  When minutes turns to hours on the internet. You lose track of time and days turn into weeks and then months and then years. Has “hair” become your obsession? Does it own you instead of you owning it? Do you have any other hobbies? What about personal relationships or social political events or self-development? Do you see what I am getting at? On the Mariposa Import Facebook page, I show the many hobbies that I engage in. My hair takes less than 5 minutes maximum. That frees up so much personal time to do other things that I love.

I love hair just as much as the next person standing next to me, but there is so much more to life than hair. I see hair just like plants. I treat my plants the same way I treat my hair, give it moisture, quality ingredients, Love and then leave it alone to let it grow. This principle applies to all hair types, no exception. Love the hair that you have right now, at this very moment with no conditions. You would not say to a child, “I will only love you when you reach 1.47 meters”. This is no different. Replace obsession with Love and your hair and life with thank you for it.

Product feature of the month:

Oyin Greg Juice

I love how this keeps the hair moisturized throughout the day. You can use it on babies to adults. It keeps your fro and twists feeling so soft. Let’s not forget about locs. This is a favorite of loc wearers.

Love Your Hair!

Mariposa Import

Europe’s First and Original webshop for people with curly and afro hair

Lori van Echtelt

Lori van Echtelt is the owner and founder of Mariposa Imports (MI), based in the Netherlands. She was on the Black Women in Europe™ 2010 Power List. Mariposa Import started in February 2004. It is the first and original shop focused on curly and frizzy hair in Western Europe. MI specializes in unique, high quality, hair and skin products from America and Afrika. We only sell products we ourselves use. The products we sell do not contain mineral oil or petrolatum, ingredients which block moisture absorption by the hair. We select products is based on our personal experience and that of our friends.

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