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Steffi Jones is President of the organising committee of the 2011 FIFA Women’s World Cup

Hat tip: Euromight

Source: Steffi Jones’ website (translated from German):


Steffi Jones

Stephanie Ann Jones (born 22.12.1972 in Frankfurt am Main)

I am the daughter of a U.S. soldier and a German mother. I have an older and a younger brother, but the family doesn’t end there because now my older brother became a father, and I’m an aunt to a niece.

Up to this point my life was up both sport and family oriented. In my book, “The thrill of life,” you can learn more about it. Four years ago I discovered a passion for football. I am grateful for the great time on the national team and in the clubs.

A new life began with the end of my football career in 2007 and I took office as President of Organizing Committee for the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2011 in January 2008. An honorable task that I really enjoy.

My motto:
Think positive and keep my principles.

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