SEATIAC is a customer-oriented and dynamic agency for consultants, interpreters and translators in Berlin. We interpret and translate from and into the languages: German, Edo dialects, English, Krio/Pidgin (English Variation), Yoruba, other African and world languages.

Due to the professional competence of Stephania Alofuokhai-Ghogomu, the founder of the agency as a chartered translator for the above-mentioned languages, and her many years of work experience as English and German lecturer here and abroad; as well as in consultancy services in the fields of international co-operation, integration of people of African descent living in Germany, reintegration of returnees in their home countries, culture, education, justice, literature, politics, economy, gender- and asylum-related issues, e.g., the question of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), human trafficking, etc., SEATIAC has the following services to offer:

Interpreting at conferences: simultaneous, consecutive, “whispering” and deliberation;
Translation from and into the above-named languages, and supply of qualified interpreters and translators for these and other African and world languages;

Guidance and counselling, e.g., study and career counselling for young people of African descent; country- and gender-specific consultancy services for the Federal Ministry of Migration, etc.; preparatory courses or training for people planning to travel to Africa for their internship; evaluation of bi- and multilateral projects, handling of import- and export transactions, etc.;

Organisation of made-to-measure language courses, e.g., Coaching and Training in Business English for workers, Managers, Diplomats and members of their families; English for Academic Purposes for students and academics;

Contract and Events Management: we organise your conferences, seminars, workshops, cultural activities, etc. for you;

We go to our clients and give under their roof, our lectures, seminars and workshops, which are tailored to their specific needs, e.g., in schools, companies, projects, etc.

In her capacity as a state-recognised and registered language agency, SEATIAC also offers the following services:

Provision of help with the filling of application forms and the explanation of the professional concepts;
Accompanying clients to offices and authorities, e.g., to the job centres, welfare offices, embassies, courts, registries, and other occasions and places for the purpose of interpreting;

We do all your writing jobs for you too.

Through the negotiating power of language, the life experiences of first language speakers and people with first-hand and personal experiences, SEATIAC aims at building a sustainable bridge between cultures and economies of the Southern and Northern Hemispheres.

Visit Seatiac for more information.

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