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Expatriation is not just the simple act of moving to another country in order to do a job there.
Both before and after the move there are official procedures and documents to be dealt with: work permit, registration with the local authorities, tax card, etc.

In addition, it is also necessary to find the right solutions for the family life of the expatriate: housing, school,kindergartens, a job for their spouse, importing the family car, bringing pets into the country and so on…

But our work does not stop there. We remain in contact with our clients after their move in order to help them in their daily life: in contacts with government agencies, in registering with a doctor searching for a cleaning lady or a handyman. We also offer our services ‘à la carte’ within the framework of more specific needs.

I’m totally focused on my client’s needs, and I work to realize their dreams as if they were my own.

–Nicole Avez-Nana , Managing Director, AB-Lux Relocation Services
AB Lux

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