Award-winning food blogger and travel writer Whitney Love invites readers to get to know the Norway she loves through more than 70 delicious recipes. Thanks for the Food: The Culinary Adventures of An American in Norway transports readers to the kitchens of Norway with traditional and modern takes on:

  • Norway’s famous pepperkaker—Christmas cookies with a peppery snap;
  • Boller—heavenly cardamom-scented, sugar-laced cinnamon buns;
  • Norwegian meatballs with traditional brown gravy, potatoes, and lingonberry jam;
  • Crispy fish fritters, smoked salmon wraps, crab salad with dill, and other seafood dishes;
  • Fårikål, the national dish of lamb and cabbage—Norwegian soul food at its coziest;
  • And many more beloved sweets, salads, and hearty winter meals.

draws on the author’s experience as an American ex-pat, an adventure she shares on Thanks for the Food: A Norwegian Food Blog. In her new cookbook, Love offers tips on finding unusual ingredients (or substituting with excellent results), shares insights on Norway’s historic and modern food culture and culinary celebrations, and advises hungry travelers on getting the most from their own visits to Norway’s famous agricultural, fishing, and dairying regions. Get cooking with Thanks For The Food—and fall in love with Norway.

Norwegian cucumber salad and Norwegian potato salad

Written by Whitney Love

Whitney Love

Edited by Reilly O’Neal

Cover design and layout by Rositsa Germanova

Cover photo, recipe photos, and food styling by Linn Heidi Knutsen

Tableware provided by Figgjo Norway

Published by Digital Word Norway

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