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The Best Tips for Laser Hair Removal: What You Need to Know

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Hair removal is always a topic of conversation – although it is usually about other people’s body hair. While it is something completely natural, and almost everyone in the world has it, it is still up for debate about whether we should keep it on or take it off. Well, the answer only matters if you are thinking about your own!

If you have hair that needs removing but find that shaving is not doing it for you, that hair removal cream is an irritant risk waiting to happen, or you just feel like having to keep your body smooth day in, day out, is time you would rather spend on basically anything else, you may have considered laser hair removal.

This piece will offer you some tips on how you can prepare for laser hair removal.

Choose A Reputable Company

There is a good chance you do not want just any old company pointing a laser at the largest organ in your body, and that is definitely a good thing, so be sure to choose a reputable company to zap you. You will want to read reviews – including the honest ones on social media such as Instagram and make sure they are fully licensed to undertake the procedures they are offering. There are plenty of places you can get laser hair removal in Los Angeles, such as YourLaser Skin Care, but be sure to do your research to find one that knows what they are doing and have the results to prove it.

Get Shaving

While it might seem strange, one of the preparations for laser hair removal is shaving around 24 hours before your laser hair removal appointment. This is enough time to be fresh, but it also allows a little time to go by so your hair follicles or skin are not irritated. In addition, the areas that are getting treated with the laser need to be hair-free so that the laser can target the follicle of the hair without anything getting in the way. If you usually wax or epilate, you must switch to shaving, as the laser actually targets the hair follicle attached to the hair – without it, the laser cannot do anything.

Come in with Clean Skin

Many of us love to use lotions and potions on our skin, whether it be a shimmery body souffle or our favorite full coverage foundation. The problem is, you need to have all of this completely removed before you go to your appointment; otherwise, it can cause complications. Those who wear heavy makeup pay special attention to removing it before you go to have laser removal, as failure to do so can result in scars from burning and pigment changes that could last months. If you do not want to leave the house without your concealer, feel free to remove it properly in the salon’s bathroom.

Don’t Plan with a Tan

Whether the tan is natural or not, turning up to your appointment with tanned skin puts you at risk for discoloration. So, if you choose, put down the fake tan and avoid the sun for up to 4 weeks prior to the appointment. That being said, what about those who have naturally dark skin? Unfortunately, this can make laser hair removal difficult as the laser picks up both the hair follicle and the pigment in the skin, but it isn’t impossible, so be sure to see a specialist!

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