Meet Tai:

I’m optimistic and pragmatic on varying days. I’m also a paradoxical being depending on my opinions and my moods! My parents hail from SW Nigeria – the Yoruba people. I love to write and muse – hence the different thoughts on this blog about some of my “out loud ” thoughts on well… life: identity,race, womanhood, notions of family, expressions, creativity,love and my ‘invisibility’ as an UK born NaiJAH woman, living in a ‘multi cultural’ society.

I’m a Londoner, born to Nigerian/Yoruba parents. I’m a mother to two fine young men. I’ve taken a long sabbatical from my career to focus and concentrate on my writing, but other things took place, called LIFE. Because of this, my sabbatical didn’t go as planned, but I am hoping to become more consistent with my creativity. This gives me life and overall, a healthy outlook on my life. I am looking to self publish my book in the near future. Thus, placing me in FULL CONTROL and placing my own independence in writing and staying within the frameworks of my creativity.

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