The Prolific American author Zhana, who lives in the UK, has released a new book, “The Secrets of the Black Bloggers“. Here we find out what motivated her to motivate others.

BWIE:  How many books have you written and on which subjects? 

Z: It may sound strange, but I don’t keep track of the numbers.  I am producing new ebooks all the time.

I have two books in print (apart from Sojourn, an anthology I edited many years ago) – Success Strategies for Black People

and Black Success Stories Volume 1.

I have produced ten volumes of the More Black Success free ebooks so far. Plus you can download my other ebooks. My books are about achieving our unlimited possibilities, how we can develop as people, how we can achieve our goals, and what we can learn from each other along the way.  Most are specifically for people of African heritage, but some are for people of all different backgrounds.

BWIE: Why did you write a book about Black bloggers?

Z: So many reasons.  It follows naturally from the work I was already doing (see above).

I was trying to connect with Black bloggers through Blogger LinkUp and other means, in order to find guest bloggers and also to develop opportunities to do guest blogs myself.   And I wasn’t getting anywhere.  Then I suddenly thought, hang on, I know so many Black bloggers already.  Why not use the networks I already have?

BWIE: What is your goal for the book?

It is so important for us as people of African heritage to celebrate each other and learn from each other.  And Black people are publishing amazing stuff on our blogs every day.  One of my goals is to help share this material and make more people aware of it.

I particularly want to support Black bloggers to connect and build relationships with each other.

I also want to help and encourage people who want to start blogging or who want to learn how to improve and expand their blogs, attract more traffic, etc.

BWIE: How did you choose which bloggers to feature?

Z: I started with people I already knew.  Some of the bloggers in Secrets of the Black Bloggers – including you – are people I have known and respected for many years.  Then I started doing some research.

I chose bloggers who have something vital to say to, for and about Black communities.

I have included two bloggers who blog about dating, sex and relationships.  I think blogging should be fun, too.

But I have not included any bloggers whose main focus is entertainment, celebrities or fashion, because I find them boring.  Sorry!  But I do.  It has to be about something real.

It was also important for me to include international bloggers, business bloggers and, of course, author-bloggers.

I focused on bloggers who are saying something educational and/or inspiring for Black communities.

There are so many awesome Black bloggers out there and I certainly have not reached them all yet.

BWIE: As a writer, what do you think of the self-publishing revolution?

Z: The possibilities are going to continue to expand.  It’s very challenging but it is also highly liberating. Writers are taking back our power.

I would encourage all writers to take control.  If you cannot get your needs met by traditional publishing houses – and many people can’t – you can develop your market, publish your own books.  You are probably the person who best knows  how to reach your readers.  Having said that, there is still a role for traditional publishers if you want to go mainstream.  

BWIE: Were you at the forefront of this disruption of the publishing industry?

Z: The short answer is “yes”.  But I certainly did not think of it that way!

BWIE: Do you have any advice for would-be authors? 

Z: Yes.  Write every day.  It needs to be part of who you are.  Develop your voice and your confidence in your writing.  I’ve got lots more to say in my ebook Write Your Book in Two Days.

BWIE: How can people obtain your books?

Z: Please go to the links above, and to my Amazon author profile page.


Plus I always publish news about my books on my blogs, especially Ancestral Energies.

Visit the blog launch of Secrets of the Black Bloggers.

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