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Sisters sharing knowledge – Compiling your event content whilst including social media – what is old, what is new?

Laura Bazile from England

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content impact your website is your showcase your website, plus social media are your showcases
content power key details telling straight away

how unique your event is

your online presence will tell

how unique your event is

content lifecycle starting from scratch or simply update key details is a tip building from what is online is a tip

/ attendees /




content impact one event goes with one website –  period googling when searching an event
content power checking the event website even close to date will bring accurate details going through interactive promotion, participating to online conversation, being kept abreast of breaking news will bring accurate details
content lifecycle show is over so are event details show is over and attendees expect to receive useful report including what is next

Plus, reaching an international audience is an excellent reason to give your social media strategy a real push.

Whilst it depends on what your event is about/type of expertise you bring/to who/when/how, including social media into your event marketing strategy is no longer a “trend” to be part of, we all agree.

It is where you start to make the difference, as an event prof.

What about you, what is fresh in your new event marketing strategy …. A lot, I guess. Let me rephrase this: what aspect of your event marketing you could not implement the way you used to?


Laura Bazile is an events professional, loves travelling, meeting & helping people, and is passionate about social media, live & virtual arts, and design.

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