Rosemary Dede

You are invited to join the first workshop in the LET’S DO US! series created by Black Women in Europe (®) to be a part of our solution for surviving and thriving in these uncertain COVID-19 days, weeks and months.

Rosemary Dede was born in Germany and grew up in Belgium. In 2013, moved to Ghana to work and discover her roots. She eventually returned to Belgium and lives with her husband and two kids. She has always been passionate about helping women live their lives to the fullest and is an avid believer in living holistically. Living in Europe and Africa fuelled her passion to connect with and support women of colour through a multifaceted social community. She is the founder of Shetribe, a paid on and offline community. The Shetribe platform is a place where women can be together, be themselves, live optimally, and inspire and uplift one another.

Registration is required to ensure your place for the 1 hour workshop. Limited to 100 participants.

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