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Vel Verrept is a Belgian artists residing in the States

Vel Verrept is a Belgian artists residing in the States. In her own words:

Vel Verrep

The goal of my work is to reflect how living in various parts of the world has influenced my work. I have always been fascinated with the richness, variety, and beauty that our world has to offer. For me, cities, countries, etc. have their own energies. These “energies” inevitably, and involuntarily, manifest in my work.

The original pigment paintings are what I call “Living Paintings”. These are multilayered, raw earth pigment, pieces which are designed to shed color in certain areas to reveal some of the layers of rich colors beneath the top layer. The more the painting is moved, the more color is revealed. However, the original “feel”, structure, and design of the piece stays the same. In other words, the goal is to create pieces that are as complex and alive as we are.

You can see and purchase Vel’s work as well as join Vel’s page on Facebook.

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  1. beuatiful lady as well as excellent artist, bazzajones46 @

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