29 October 2015, 10:30 – 18:00

Event Type: Workshop
Venue: The Chancellor’s Hall (Senate House, first floor)
Venue Details:
Senate House
Malet Street
London WC1E 7HU

Convenors: Miranda Kaufmann and Michael Ohajuru


10.30-10.45 Registration: tea & coffee

10.45-11.30 Keynote address: Eric Huntley

11.30-1.00 Session One: Challenging the Conventional Narratives

Chair: Rovianne Matovu (Freelance Museum Educator)

Catherine Johnson (Author and Educationalist), ‘Looking at Our Past Through Fiction: Engaging Young Readers With Black British History’

Ryan Hanley (New College, Oxford), ‘A More Interesting Narrative: Moving beyond Equiano and Slavery in the study of Eighteenth-Century Black British Writing’

David Killingray (ICwS), ‘Black British history is happening – but to what end?’

1.00-2.00 Lunch

2.00-3.30 Session Two: Teaching Black British History

Chair: Kwaku (Black British Music)

Martin Spafford (Retired history teacher), ‘The new GCSE course on migration to Britain: Black British history on the official exam curriculum’

Dema Wonga (Narrative Eye), ‘Inclusive Curriculum: Learning to see the diversity of Britain’

Robin Whitburn (Institute of Education) and Abdul Mohamud (Institute of Education), Black British History: Justice and Political Action in the Classroom.

3.30-4.00 Tea/coffee

4.00-6.00 Session Three: New Perspectives on the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries

Chair: Miranda Kaufmann (Institute of Commonwealth Studies)

Ian Duffield (University of Edinburgh) ‘“Through a Glass Darkly?” Black Women in London, 1760-1860, as seen via the Old Bailey Sessions Papers trial reports online and related online newspaper reports.’

Jeffrey Green (Independent Historian), ‘The murderer, the servant, and Lady Mary Grey:
Victorian Africans and the historical record’

Jan Marsh (National Portrait Gallery), ‘Re-framing the Nation’

Advolly Richmond (Independent Researcher), ‘God and Coffee: The Forgotten Story of the Reverend Thomas Birch Freeman, Botanist’

6.00-6.30 Final Thoughts and Conclusions

Chair: Michael Ohajuru

Panel: Sean Creighton, Miranda Kaufmann, Abdul Mohamud, Paul Reid, Martin Spafford

6.30-7.30 Reception

There will be a registration fee of £20 (£5 for students/unwaged) to cover the costs of lunch and refreshments.

Registration is now open. To book a place please go to: http://goo.gl/UgGlZp

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