Christelle KEDI is a ( which means “face painter” in nuwaupic language. As a Beffta nominated, ethical make-up and fashion stylist born and raised in Paris, Christelle Kédi has trained at University of the Arts. She started in 2007 her London-based consultancy specialized in make up & fashion guidance for media industry.


Christelle mainly focus on Afro aesthetics and has worked with several magazines including National Geographic Green, The Voice, FAB magazine, New African Woman UK and Ninety Nine to name a few as well as in film and for BEN TV. She has also designed a make up for several fashion shows during London Fashion Week. As a beauty/fashion editor, Christelle writes for magazines including Knowledge Fountain business magazine or l’Afrique qui gagne. Her inside and daily experiences of the fashion industry as well as the business skills she gained from running her company, allow Christelle to comment with accuracy and precision.

Delivering talks and trainings about her core subjects: colours, photography, identity, arts and styling, has lead Christelle to become an Afro aesthetics consultant. She strongly believes that aesthetics standards should always reflect a mental and psychological reality of a community, for instance: “straightening Afro hair, is a choice often reflecting an admitted or not, desire to look like others (communities)” . Her portfolio, blog and current projects are available on this website,

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