Yoga saved my back.

Years ago during my first trip to Paris, I ended up in the hospital having survived a 4 story fall. I remember the guy who attacked me looking down into the courtyard at me. I am sure he thought I was dead. I remember the French police asking me what happened and I pointed up to the figure silhouetted in the window 4 stories up. I remember thinking, they are dressed smartly in their pants tucked into boots. I remember the paramedic who was large in stature, dark brown in his skin and so gentle with his hands as he stitched up a huge cut over my left eye. And I remember the doctor telling me how lucky I was that I had no broken bones. And then Yoga saved my back. So now I am a believer.


Come on Yogis, Do the Twist

Come on Yogis, Do the Twist

We all have our favorite yoga asanas or postures and most yogis agree that twists are awesome. This week, we’re focusing on twists and how beneficial they are for your spine, your digestive organs, and your general sense of well-being. Of course, like all physical practices, it’s important to make sure you are using proper form and breathing techniques to maximize the benefits and minimize the risks.

Twists help nourish your entire spine, help maintain spinal health and prevent back pain. Twisting is one of the major directions in which your spine moves, but how often do you twist throughout the day? Most of us move primarily in the sagittal (front to back) and frontal planes (lateral) which can lead to compression. Without balanced movement for our vertebrae, muscles, and connective tissues, our spine can grow stiff and tight.

A balanced yoga practice incorporating twisting postures will increase flexibility and mobility and help decrease back pain caused by poor posture. You can read the rest of the article and dozens more on the blog.

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