Royal insult

This is bullshit and we know it.

Royal insult

Danny Baker of BBC Radio 5 made the ultimate insult to Meghan and Prince Harry by equating their son with a monkey via a Twitter post yesterday. While those who cared are celebrating a new life and a healthy mother, he is tearing down black women and their children everywhere.

Once the shit hit the fan here is what the looser racist had to say to his 500,000+ followers of which at least 91 had liked it before he removed the “let me show you who I really am Tweet” was removed:

Sorry my gag pic of the little fella in the posh outfit has whipped some up. Never occurred to me because, well, mind not diseased. ‘Soon as those good enough to point out its possible connotations got in touch, down it came. And that’s it. ‘Now stand by for sweary football tweets.’–Danny Baker

In the meantime, he still has a Twitter account and a job at the BBC. I am steaming. Are you?


A little boy at McDonald’s (yes, I was at McD’s enjoying the McVegan) told me that I looked like a monkey and then proceeded to laugh. A Swedish woman sitting at the table net to him jerked her head around and looked at him. I, a bit taken aback, asked him to repeat  himself to be sure I heard what I thought he said (I had just found out that I had a high blood pressure reading and walked myself to comfort food – smart? Obviously not considering what happened next). He repeated it and again laughed even harder.

When his mother returned from getting straws and napkins I told her what her son said. He laughed yet again. She acted as if she was surprised. I asked the child if he learned that from his parents. His mother rejected that theory with a bit of annoyance and told her son to apologize. He asked why. She did not explain.

At that point I went back to my McVegan, my reading, and into my own world. The ability to retreat into one’s own world is a very necessary life skill that black women need in Sweden, and for sure countless other environments. When I was just about finished the mother explained that her son was only 4 years old and kids say stupid things. I thought to myself that 4 year olds also repeat what they hear. I asked her to please not talk to me. I had to tell her this several times before leaving. I left proud that I could stand up for myself in Swedish. Men herregud!


the Metro article on the racist who tweeted this monkey picture in response to the arrival of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s first child.

Thanks to iDNetwork for alerting us to this via LinkedIn.

  1. If you think the picture depicting Meghan’s baby is a. funny or b. not racist, comment here so we can have a proper discussion about why you are so wrong.
  2. Help us build the most comprehensive directory of organizations across Europe that support black women. This tool should be within reach of everyone who needs it. Send your links to Thank you.

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  1. This is so outrageous. Thanks for posting about this.


  3. I am sorry to hear about your experience. From another Afro -Dane who knows how it feels. You are welcome to check my site about celebrating us Black women and men.

  4. B.W.I.E (™)

    Fortunately the push back was enough to have him dismissed.

  5. B.W.I.E (™)

    It was not funny at all. He knew what he was doing! His fans loved it, unfortunately.

  6. B.W.I.E (™)

    Thank you! Let us keep our heads up!

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