B.W.I.E 10th Anniversary

Black Women in Europe Blog™ 10th Anniversary notes:

I chose Aliesh Pierce to be a Black Women in Europe Blog 10th Anniversary Shero because she makes every women she touches feel and look beautiful. Whether that person is Queen Latifah or The Obamas, she has used her skills across Europe and the US.  I first blogged about Aliesh in 2009, and again in 2011 about her work with Italian Vogue. She is the founder of Ask Aliesh, a resource for answers to your make up questions where she and two other professionals can help you. She’s also a Shero because she is offering the first 100 Black Women in Europe readers an exclusive 79% discount on her brand, spanking new Udemy course, Everyday Makeup for Black Women.  Use code BWE-20.

Thank you for the gift of making us feel good in our own skin, Aliesh.

makeup course for black women
Aliesh Pierce

Aliesh Pierce is the author of Treating Diverse Pigmentation, A book for beauty industry professionals. She has over twenty seven years experience in the beauty industry. Aliesh began her noteworthy beauty career working as a makeup artist in Europe’s fashion industry traveling between Milan, Paris, London, and Zurich.

Upon moving to New York, Aliesh became the personal makeup artist to some of Hip-Hop and R & B’s most recognized musicians. After relocating to Los Angeles, Aliesh worked withan impressive list of clients which includes Queen Latifah, Ryan Gossling, IndiaArie, Eva Mendez and the Obamas. Aliesh’s favorite medium is print. Having started in fashion, her makeup artistry has appeared on the pages of Elle, Essence, Marie Claire, Vanity Fair and Vogue magazines.

Aliesh added esthetics to her list of credentials to better address the root cause of the skin challenges her clients face. As a beauty expert, she writes for trade magazines and regularly speaks at spa industry conferences, sharing her makeup and skincare techniques. Aliesh is also a contributing author to the textbooks Milady’s Standard Makeup, Milady’s Standard Cosmetology and was the subject matter expert for Milady’s Standard Makeup DVD. Aliesh has become a sought after educator for both recognized and emerging cosmetic brands seeking to build a multi-cultural consumer base. Her personal mission is to help all women create their own unique definition of beauty.

Udemy Course preview

Don’t forget the first 100 Black Women in Europe readers an exclusive 79% discount on her brand, spanking new Udemy course, Everyday Makeup for Black Women.  Use code BWE-20.

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  1. I like the idea of people being absolutely proud of who they are. Nothing can stop people who understand and know their true history, and deeply appreciate it.

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