Anjula Mutanda is a Consultant psychology and mental health expert and Life coach , with over 15 years experience in a diversity of settings – from Kent University working with students experiencing a wide range of psychological and emotional challenges, to the cut and thrust of the City as a Stress Management Consultant, Careers Counsellor and Outplacement specialist. Anjula is also trained in managing critical Incident and post-trauma cases , and has worked with a wide range of clients from victims of crime to victims of major accidents. Read her full bio, and check out her articles.

Anjula Trained at Durham University, and following a distinction on her dissertation, was offered a key role with British Airways` Employee Assistance Programme, as a clinical therapist. She received her accreditation in January 2000, becoming one of the youngest accredited practitioners in the UK. She has since been re-accredited (MBACP) and holds the status of senior practitioner with the BACP

Anjula is passionate about Counselling and applied psychology. She`s interested in Relationships of all types, Gender issues, Group Dynamics, Culture and Diversity,

She’s also keen on exploring the effects of exercise on well-being and has undertaken many fitness challenges as a result. Anjula has walked the Inca Trail in South America. Cycled in Southern France, and Southern Ireland, and her biggest challenge to date was completing the New York City marathon.

She started her Ph.D. programme in 2005, and so far has found the process illuminating, as it is a programme that is more focused on the practitioner, rather than a purely intellectual pursuit.

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