No one understood the power of the coin for getting a political message across like the Ancient Greeks. Their coinage was circulated throughout the ancient world to honor everything from victories, events, and patron deities, to nature. Also, it was the perfect way to let it be known “who did what and where”.


The coin’s designer, Ann Martin-Papazoglou, has taken inspiration from the Greek myths and the stunning classical styles of Ancient Greek coins. The Baracko coin shows the bold, beautiful profile of Obama decked out in the lion headdress of the mighty Hercules. On the left, “backing” Obama, is the majestic Greek coin portraying Hercules in his renowned lion-skin cape that has come to symbolize courage, invulnerability, and winning against all odds.


The flip side of the Baracko is emblazoned with: “Barack Obama U.S. Presidential Candidate 2008”. Around the rim is the famous “YES WE CAN!” motto in five languages: English, Spanish, Greek, German and French. This haunting rallying cry has circled the globe and captured the hearts and imagination of a broad spectrum of people on every continent.


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  2. I've placed my order! Let's get these limited editions sold out.

  3. I've placed my order! Let's get these limited editions sold out.

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