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When I first moved to Europe I missed having a top loading washing machine. I had a friend in Brussels who showed me washing machine with such glee: Look! I have a US style machine?

I hadn’t realized that a top loading machine was considered American style until then. And it was confirmed when I moved to an English village and I had a top loader. Friends would marvel at it.

But if you can’t find one you like or can afford or don’t want one, this post is for you.

We did the research for you

Front-load washers have many benefits and advantages over top-load washing machines. They are energy-efficient, clean deeper, and are spacing devices since they are stackable. However, they take a longer time to clean and have a lower load capacity. Below is a list of the three best front loader washing machines for you:

  1. Bosch WAT28402UC
Bosch washer

Bosch is a 24 inch wide compact and speedy front load washer ideal for small living quarters. Bosch is designed with SpeedPerfect, a tech intended to reduce washing time by up to 40% over the ordinary machine. It also comes with the EcoSilence motor, designed to ensure the device is quiet while running. 

Bosch should keep your utility bills lower compared to any other washer machine since it has the lowest estimated water and operation cost annually. It offers 15 different washing cycles to thoroughly clean your clothes, making it the best front load washing machine for anyone with a small laundry room space. Additionally, its unbalanced sensor will alert you if anything goes wrong inside the washer.


  • Noise optimizing, depending on the load weight
  • Compact and durable
  • 15 different wash cycles


  • It may collect mildew
  1. Kenmore 41302

At roughly 201 lbs and 30x27x40 inches, the washer has a 4.5 cubic-foot-capacity. Its washing size is equivalent to a load of twenty-seven large towels, which makes it ideal for a household full of children.

 Kenmore has included the Cold Clean Cycle, which is as effective as warm water. Using this mode will prolong the life of your clothes while rendering a deep clean and less energy use. For those in a hurry or often juggle housework, the Add Garment option lets you throw in any forgotten clothing even after the cycle has begun. 

Moreover, for tough stains, Kenmore’s Stain Boost option pushes the garments through another spin and soaks cycle. With Kenmore Deep Fill option, it’s easy to clean large amounts of laundry, as it optimizes water levels for more massive and heavier loads, ensuring that every cloth gets the same clean treatment.


  • Capable of cleaning a significant load in under 30 minutes
  • Decent energy efficiency
  • Steam cleaning for removing tough stains


  • Its rubber hoses may not be that durable
  1. Electrolux EFL317TIW

The appliance provides a full capacity of 4.3 cubic feet, which allows you to wash a lot of laundry in a single wash. Its overall weight is 235 pounds, and the dimensions are 38x27x32 inches, but the height rises to 52 inches with the pedestal. Electrolux is equipped with LuxCare Wash System, which ensures your clothes are thoroughly cleaned.

After loading up the drum of the machine, you’ll have five cycles to choose from, and this is to make room for different fabrics. As part of the system, the machine will automatically regulate the temperature depending on the cycle selected. All the adjustments are made using the touch screen command, which also has safety features like a combination to lock the machine, at the front panel of the device.


  • Eco-friendly
  • Durable
  • Affordable


  • A limited number of cycles available

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