Self Love

Use Tabitha James Kraan’s haircare for self love and love of the world

Tabitha James Kraan

She made me cry at Stockholm Beauty Week

The moment I met Tabitha at Stockholm Beauty Week.

Her presentation was so passionate about why she started her hair care line that I cried during a film she showed emphasizing the world’s current state of environmental affairs. I remember baby whales dying 🙁

My test of Tabitha James Kraan’s Organic 4 in 1 Golden Citrus Conditioner

The video above shows my test of her Organic 4 in 1 Citrus Conditioner. I used it as a leave in on washed hair. Remember that everything you use on your hair goes in your scalp and into your body. Use organic when you can to take self love on the cleanest level possible. We deserve it.

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