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Watch my video for full details. I can’t wait to see what happens next.

I am taking self love very seriously. I have never put myself first, or so it seems, except maybe for when I moved to Europe. Even still the partners in my life took priority as I saw it as part and parcel of living with the one I loved.

I am old school like that. I saw my maternal grandmother put my maternal grandfather first and in turn he gave her everything she wanted. I saw them travel the world together, lead a church together and loves us grandchildren up like no others (my paternal grandmother did world travel solo and my paternal grandfather was a University Dean. Knowing this is empowering because blending the two ethos is a powerful potion). That made sense to me for years until I realized that if I don’t put myself first, no one else will.

Enter Stockholm Beauty Week, my bloggers pass and my introduction to a plethora of hair and skin care products, including Hollywood Skin. The timing could not have been better. Now I had an arsenal of new products to try, new routines to establish, and a dedication to put me first.

My neck and decollatage on June 26.

So my neck and my dec thank me. And we all thank Hollywood Skin for creating products that deliver real results.

My neck and decollatage on July 26.

I’ll make another check on August 26 to see how I’m improving, if at all and if you want to buy and try Hollywood Skin use my link: http://www.HollywoodSkin.com/ageorgegal

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