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The beauty industry has shifted toward more natural and sustainable practices. One of the best things you can do this year is to take this opportunity to give your natural hair some TLC.

With the right routines and habits, you can strengthen and protect your hair, and restore and nourish it back to health. Here are the top tips for creating healthy, happy hair. 

Avoid Dyes and Chemical Treatments

While the icy blonde and sleek, straightened locks have been beautiful trends of the past few years, they’re extremely damaging to hair. The bleach and chemicals that come from dying and processing your hair kills it over time and can take years to correct.

Set a goal this year to stop dying and processing your natural hair. Instead, invest in a style you love with friendly lace wig so that you can rock the look you want while giving your natural hair time to heal.

Reduce Heat Exposure

Blow drying, flat ironing, and curling all take a toll on your locks. Take breaks between styling or dial down the temperature to reduce heat exposure. Additionally, never use hot tools on your hair without first applying a protectant spray.

The tools you use aren’t the only concern when it comes to heat. The sun can also damage hair over time. Keep it covered as much as possible or invest in an SPF protectant for your lovely locks.

Hot water is another heat source that causes damage over time. Wash your hair in room temperature or lukewarm water and watch how your hair transforms from this simple change. 

Nourish from the Inside Out

Hair care starts from within. The state of your hair and nails is often an indicator of what’s going on in your body. Nourish yourself from the inside out by drinking plenty of water, and eating a well-balanced diet with plenty of vitamins and lean protein.

Numerous vitamins and minerals contribute directly to hair strength. Collagen and the B vitamins all play a significant part in the quality and durability of your hair, skin, and nails.

Reduce Friction with Soft Materials

Using a silk pillowcase can make a notable difference in your hair over time. While cotton might feel soft and wonderful, there’s a lot of texture in the fibers that create friction as you toss and turn at night. Alternatively, you can wrap your hair in a silk wrap to sleep.

Also, it’s time to stop twisting your hair in a terry cloth towel on top of your head. Change out the rough towel for a microfiber towel or hair wrap. Secure it gently rather than aggressively twisting and pulling. Like a tight ponytail, the tension can cause breakage and hair loss over time.

Reduce Product and Washing Frequency

Every time you wash your hair, you strip away natural oils. By reducing the frequency of when you wash your hair, you’ll allow your scalp to regulate oil production and take care of itself. 

Of course, using a product creates a build-up on your hair that needs to be removed. So, to cut back on washing, you may also need to cut back on product use. 

Schedule Deep Conditioning Treatments

You will want to schedule deep conditioning treatments to replenish the oils that you pull from your hair through washing. You can book these at the salon or purchase recommended products from your stylist to handle the process at home between visits. There are also natural alternatives, such as creating hair masks with argan oil and coconut oil.

Keratin hair treatments restore the proteins that make hair strong and shiny. However, if used too frequently, they can have a detrimental effect. Talk to your stylist before using keratin.

By making these simple changes, you’ll notice a huge difference in the strength and luster of your hair within a few weeks. 

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