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Five Tech Skills to get Over Unemployment During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Being unemployed is a difficult situation. It can be overwhelming because, as days pass, your savings decrease. In the same way, being in isolation has been difficult for everybody. It’s because being isolated increases your anxiety as well as your stress levels.

During the pandemic, many started to exercise, learn new things, and even play board games. However, when their savings were about to hit rock bottom, they began to take action to survive these rough times.

After the outbreak, many companies leaned on tech talents to move forward. For that reason, the demand for candidates with tech skills increased. Tech talents can work remotely. In that case, working during isolation isn’t a struggle.

Given these points, if you’re currently unemployed, here’s a list of five tech skills that will help you land a job during the pandemic.

Cloud Computing

Nowadays, information is very valuable for businesses. With this in mind, it’s important to say that companies need to make backups as well as keep data secure. Given that, several companies around the world have started to use cloud computing services.

Using cloud computing services to store information grants accessibility and security. For that reason, it’s the perfect choice for businesses to store information. In the same way, using cloud computing services allow companies to reduce costs. It’s because they will no longer need physical infrastructures to store data.

Learning cloud computing skills allow tech professionals like database administrators to deal with their everyday work duties. In fact, it makes their jobs easier as making backups and recovering information can be done within seconds.

On the other hand, data scientists use cloud computing services like AWS to create better insights and get better results. It’s because AWS offers several machine learning services that help them to analyze and interpret information.

Generally speaking, learning cloud computing skills will help you to catch employers’ attention. It’s because as days pass, more companies are moving to the cloud and require more candidates with cloud computing skills.

Machine Learning

Machine learning is changing the game rules in today’s world. It’s because machine learning algorithms allow systems to provide better services. In fact, machine learning enables systems and machines to learn from users’ inputs. In that case, they can become better at any specific task.

Nowadays, most companies use machine learning in their products to meet customers’ expectations. Under those circumstances, the demand for skilled candidates has increased. For example, Google uses machine learning algorithms in services like Google Translate to make more accurate translations. Consequently, users will be able to do error-free translations in less time.

In the same way, other companies like Amazon use machine learning algorithms to provide recommendations. Amazon recommendations are based on items bought and browsed previously. Given that, customers’ will be able to buy other products they probably need.

Generally speaking, the use of machine learning is changing the experience a user can feel. For that reason, becoming proficient in machine learning will help you not only pay the bills but also thrive in the future.

Mobile Development

Smartphones are vital for people these days. It’s because they not only help you to make phone calls but also to make your life easier. In fact, nowadays, customers can use their smartphones to control and buy anything. For that reason, the need for mobile applications that could meet customers’ requirements has increased.

Nowadays, companies need tech talents that could help them innovate the market. Sophisticated mobile applications can not only meet customers’ requirements but also help companies outstand. With this in mind, it’s essential to point out that learning mobile development skills will make you a must-have for today’s employers.

At General Assembly, you’ll be able to learn mobile development skills to build iOS or android apps. You can enroll in the course that best fits your needs, as their programs are available full-time and part-time. In the same way, as the company knows that learning from home is crucial during the pandemic, it offers online courses as well. 

Digital Marketing

After the outbreak, most companies needed to lean on digital marketing to survive. Actually, digital marketers were able to push companies forward while using innovative strategies to attract customers. Nowadays, using digital channels like websites and social networks to sell products is vital. For that reason, more companies are hiring candidates that could help them reinforce their marketing strategies. 

Digital marketers can work remotely. Given that, becoming a digital marketer will help you to not only feet employers’ requirements but also get over unemployment. In the same way, it’s important to say that digital marketers often have to deal with customers’. Under those circumstances, patience and communication skills are essential to accomplish the job’s duties.

On the other hand, being organized is a key factor that helps digital marketers create outstanding campaigns. In that case, being able to summarize steps to achieve a goal will allow you to attract employers’ attention. 

SEO Management

As more people are consuming impressive amounts of data online, the demand for tech talents with SEO management skills has increased. Nowadays, organizations are using new advertising methods to reach their audience. Consequently, it’s no surprise that they have been using search engines to attract more customers.

Search engines allow users to seek information on a daily basis. However, most users only click on the first results to answer their questions. In that case, companies have needed SEO experts to optimize their website. As a result, organizations will have a higher rank, and their websites’ traffic will increase.

SEO experts are responsible for analyzing content to implement recommendations and attract more users. Under those circumstances, lots of reading and writing is required to accomplish daily work tasks. So, if you think you can fill these requirements, there’s no time to waste to learn SEO skills and get a new job.


As can be seen, tech talents are playing an essential role as they are helping organizations to survive during the pandemic. Furthermore, they are allowing companies to change their working methods and reshape the market. For that reason, it’s important to remember that the world is continually evolving and we have to adapt to move forward.

Learning tech skills like the ones listed above will not only allow you to get employed but also change your lifestyle and spend valuable time with your family members.

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