Pretty Stylish London

Pretty Stylish London

Pretty Stylish London is a public notebook, sharing her musings on style, beauty and urban retreats. Every month, the blog is updated with news, reviews and a dairy of noteworthy events happening in the UK’s capital.

Edited by Yvonne Ottley, nicknamed the London darling. She works in leisure and beauty PR whilst freelancing as a beauty editor for Precious Magazine. A typical Londoner, Yvonne spends her free time catching up with friends, engaging in a little retail therapy and dining in some of London’s hot spots.

Born and raised in the city, Yvonne found inspiration in the way online portals such as The Cool Hunter and Daily Candy highlighted the best bits of London. In January 2009, she entered blogosphere and began to publish notes about her experiences and finds – Pretty Stylish London was born.

Pretty Stylish London

Link to Pretty Stylish London.

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