Vex in the City

I own waaaay too much make up.

I make a lot of impulsive shoe purchases.

I wish Topshop still sold items for the price it did in 1994.

Haribo sweets give me a headache, but I still eat them.

I’m yet to perfect the art of patience.

I’m obsessed with the Crime & Investigation channel.

Law & Order SVU is the ONE!

I want to recreate Miranda & Steve’s scene on the Brooklyn Bridge in the SATC movie and meet in the middle, but my boyf will not entertain this idea whatsoever.

I once fell down the stairs in McDs, Oxford Street from top to bottom and broke the heel on my shoe – shame!

I’m scared of insects and will scream blue murder if so much as a butterfly comes near me.

I loathe Lily Allen. She’s a dick.

I really don’t ‘get’ Kate Moss.

I tend to ‘tell it like it is’, which some people can’t handle.

I cried when the last episode of SATC aired.

I’m a real Daddy’s girl.

I HEART New York.

I’m scared of swimming in the sea and what lies beneath it. No, really scared.

I over analyse everything.

I’m a hopeless romantic.

I used to nick my brothers pocket money when we were younger and he’d get in trouble for ‘losing it’ – sorry!

Vex in the City

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