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Black Women Bloggers in Europe Series – Germany 3 – Kabai33


Kabai 33

Yamile Yemoonyah is an artist blogger and creative entrepreneur on her way to a sustainable lifestyle. On Kabai33 she shares tips, tools and resources to help start & grow your own creative web biz.

Kabai 33

She was born in Colombia to her birth-mother of the indigenous Embera people and to my unknown African-Colombian birth-father. When I was one and a half years old I was adopted, together with my brother-to-be, by parents who are both from the Netherlands but raised us in Germany. She currently lives and works in Berlin.

Her work reflects all of these cultural influences and speaks of the essence that connects all beings no matter where they are from. But it also celebrates that Spirit can be expressed in a myriad of forms which to her shows that creativity is an inherent feature of life and we should enjoy the beauty of all creations, be it a painting, a human being, a star or a business plan..

What does Kabai33 mean?

The jaibanas (shamans) of the Embera people have the power to turn away from this world and to behold the true universe through their visions and dreams. This faculty and process is regarded as labour. The shaman uses the term kabai to express this work of communicating with the supernatural world. Besides its sense of ‘to work’ (including physical and manual labour), kabai also means ‘to learn’ and ‘to know’. By means of their work with the spiritual world, the jaibanas acquire their knowledge and insights of man’s true existence and are therefore able to heal the earth, which is their main task ! The spirit of a jaibana, who teaches them how to do their kabai – work, is an Antomia, mother or master of water, amphibious beings that live in the waterworlds beneath our own world.

33 contains all the numbers in her birth date combined. The number three stands for communication and 33 for communicating with the inner as well as the outer dimensions and universes.

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  1. Thanks so much for featuring me here Adrianne. I really appreciate it!

  2. It was my pleasure!

  3. Hey Yamile, your website is great and resourceful!

  4. Thank you MsAfropolitan, I'm glad my site is useful to you 🙂

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