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Black Women Bloggers in Europe Series – Italy 2 – The Italian Files

The Italian Files

The Italian Files

I’m a lover of books, travel and food. A very curious soul. If your curious, too I’m glad you’ve found me. I love/live in Italy and have done for 10 years. Enjoy my observations, opinions and articles (a.k.a the rantings of a mad lady).

Now for all you nosey parkers out there, I thought I’d do a litte Q&A to statisfy a little of your curiosity. So here it is:


I see in your photo you are in Venice. Is that where you live?

No, I live in Modena, in the north of Italy.

Why did you move to Italy?

For ‘amore’. I know it’s so predictable but what can I say, Italian men are very romantic.

Do you publish your articles. If yes, where?

I have some things on Associated Content. Although these same articles are also on here. Have a look in my ‘Articles’ folder.

Do you write on request?

Yes, I do. You can contact me for any requests for writing or translation work through the contact form on the site. I’ll be in touch.

What’s your job?

I run the office of a handbag designer (I know ladies; I’m surrounded by designer bags everyday! Don’t hate me for it!).

What made you create this website?

I just wanted to have something for me, where I can write and offload stuff that’s on my mind, on to the page and over to you.

Where are you originally from?

I was born in Lagos, Nigeria. The family moved to London when I was around seven.

Would you consider adding an Italian section?

Umm, yes. I’d have to think about what type of section it’d be though.

Where did you learn to cook?

Mostly from when I moved here and through trial and error. The more you do it, the more confident you get with whipping things together and creating dishes. For Italians food is sacrosanct and this appreciation can’t help but rub off on you.

Would you recommend Venice at as winter destination?

Well, I think it’s such an amazing and particular place, it’d work well as a holiday destination whenever you’d have the good fortune to go there.

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