I think Trina is wonderful. She is one of the first sisters in Europe to reach out to me. She’s been in Germany for a while and has carved out a very nice life for herself. She is a coach and has a passion for helping women, and black women excel in their careers. She authors the Creating Tomorrow blog.

This is why Trina blogs:

Creating Tomorrow is a blog created to provide me with more flexibility in collecting and sharing my reflections on the business subjects that intrigue me most: leadership, coaching, and presentation skills. It???s also a place where I can share my current portfolio of projects and their status with everyone interested in the work in which my company, Creating Tomorrow: The Leadership Consultancy, is involved.

The entries will be eclectic; the information of the pages dynamic. Each will showcase in a different way the journey Creating Tomorrow and I will be taking in the coming weeks and months???and years.

I look forward to sharing some of that journey with all of you!

Trina Roach

Previous entries in the series:

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