Zhana is a modern griot, writer, publisher and Transformational  Growth Consultant. Author of Black Success Stories and Success Strategies for Black People, as well as The Key to Everything and What They Don’t Want Us to Know. Editor of the More Black Success ebooks. Zhana’s work offers practical, effective methods, with a particular focus on the healing of the people of the African continent and Diaspora. Individual and collective healing. Physical, mental and emotional healing. Healing our families and our communities. She leads workshops to support the healing of our communities, the healing of our history, the healing of the legacy of enslavement and the Maafa, undoing the damage that has been caused by slavery and racist oppression. To do this work, she draws on ancient traditions as well as modern methods.

By healing our past, we can move forward into the glorious future we deserve.

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Ancestral Energies

Ancestral Healing

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