Blog to Prague

Blog to Prague

Blog to Prague

A Journey Toward Self-Discovery

I’m Mid-Western Girl out for a twirl.

Writer. Producer.Actor.Brown Bettie

Blog to Prague

I’m a writer and multi-hyphenate entertainer who has lived in Milwaukee, Chicago, New York and Los Angeles. My debut novella “Harlem’s Awakening” is available now on BlackHillPress and Amazon (especially for International shipping). It is the 1940s pre-story to “Harlem’s Night”, a dinner theater show performed by the Brown Betties and is about a young woman’s journey through hell on her way to finding peace. I love Zora Neale Hurston and Jackie Collins. If you do too, you just might like this poetic, visual piece of dramatic fiction. If you’re in Prague, you can get a copy at Shakespeare & Sons!

In 2005 I created the sultry, sassy, sophisticated “Harlem’s Night: A Cabaret Story” which is a cabaret/dinner theater experience that includes singing, dancing and acting and essentially is my autobiography of how I continually looked for love in all the wrong places until I learned to love myself first.

Blog to Prague

As spin-offs from the cabaret, which also stems from my love of all things vintage, I created and am the editor of “The Brown Betties Gazette”, an online magazine; the award-winning webseries based on “The Brown Betties Guide: How To Look for Love In All The Wrong Places” (Amazon); and the “Be Your Own Bettie” Burlesque and empowerment workshops.

Check out my first go at being published in “Split: Stories From A Generation Raised on Divorce” edited by Ava Chin (Amazon), whom I met while living in New York.

I’ve also written, “15 Monologues to SLAM!” which is available electronically if you email me (my first name at hotmail dot com) and I’m in the midst of writing and re-writing “Making Lemonade: Bittersweet Tales From An Actress Being Squeezed In LA” which is my candid memoir.

Blog to Prague

My play, Dick & Jayne Get A Life, a sorta romantic sorta comedy, debuted at Hollywood Fringe Festival in 2013 where it earned a “Best Of” Extension and has been accepted to the Prague Fringe Festival in May 2014. UPDATE: While accepted, Dick & Jayne was not able to attend. Instead, we presented my novella “Harlem’s Awakening” as a one-woman show about a book, with a book! This is/was first time doing a one-woman show and this blog will live to tell about some of it.

If you scour the internet, you can find pics of me as a former Chicago Bulls Luv-a-Bulls Dancer and Milwaukee Bucks Energee! dancer. I’m a graduate of Marquette University where I still hold my triple jump record (yippeee!) and I was the Senior Speaker, of which I am extremely proud.

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