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BlackWomen Bloggers in Europe Series – Germany 9 – Black girl in Berlin


Welcome to BlackgirlinBerlin by Kimberly Butler

Who is Kimberly Butler you may ask? Kimberly Butler is a talented author. This dynamic, driven & intelligent young African-American Business & Economics grad originally hailed from a middle class family in a small town in Southern California. Kimberly has overcome many tragedies & setbacks throughout her short life and now resides in Berlin, Germany as she plots to elevate her career to new heights.

In just over a quarter of century on this planet Kimberly Butler has lead a rather colourful life overcoming many struggles; trials & tribulations on her road to success. After surviving childhood trauma; suffered bullying & coupled with a strict religious upbringing as she was solely raised by her Mother who is a local Minister; a young Kim found solace in Music and was active in her local church choir. Kimberly excelled in High School and moved to Los Angeles for College & attended California State University in Long Beach where after her first year was honoured for her 3.8 GPA she maintained.

After graduating with a degree in Business Economics, Kimberly successfully gained work in the corporate America & began to study for an MBA in Business Management and retired from the world of adult entertainment. Via this new career path, the young exec swiftly developed an expertise in developing and implementing measurable and actionable business development, sales and marketing strategies that drove growth and profitability. Unfortunately this new career and happiness was short lived as following the financial crash and a failed engagement from a long term relationship to her then boyfriend, Kimberly found herself without a job. She travelled around for a while, to many countries including Germany where she met her boyfriend. Kimberly then moved to Berlin, Germany to be with her new boyfriend, where she works now in the field of online marketing for various corporate clients in Berlin.

Today Kimberly is pursuing many new career goals as a successful business woman including working on her autobiography as a published author. Staying true to her blogging past Kim also still keeps up her new blog “Black Girl in Berlin” where she discusses her difficulties fitting in to a new country; new relationship; race relations in Germany; popular culture as well as her new career & life. Not letting her past define her or overshadow her and with international publishing; TV and record deals in the pipeline Kimberly Butler has consistently and triumphantly overcome adversity throughout her life and is now on the verge of an exciting new career in Europe as she starts the next chapter of her life.

Visit Kimberly’s blog.

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