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Berlin Renames a Street with a Colonial Past After May Ayim

Hat tip: Afro European

A Berlin street is renamed after the internationally renowned Afro-German poetess, educationist and inhabitant of Kreuzberg, May Ayim (1960-1996).

Ayim fought against ongoing racism in Germany and was active in the women’s movement and she continously highlighted Germany’s forgotten colonial past. “This renaming also challenges people to deal with the close connection between colonialism and racism”, says Luise Steinwachs of Tanzania Network (TNW).

The renaming of Gröbenufer into May-Ayim-Ufer will not make the topic of colonialism disappear from the map”, emphasizes Joshua Kwesi Aikins from the Black organisation ISD, “but rather it provides a change of perspective in remembrance.”

Read the Wikipedia entry for May Ayim.

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  1. You seem to have some broken code in your post?

  2. You seem to have some broken code in your post?

  3. Hi Skye. I am using IE8 and can’t see any broken code in this post. What browser are you using and where does the code break up? Thanks!!!!!!

  4. […] Editor’s note: The text shared here is an AI translation. Please refer to the original text via the link. And read a post from 2009 about a street named after May. […]

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