Clara Rose Thornton – Island People talk in Dublin

The Caribbean is home to rum, reggae and ganja but also to fundamentalist Christians, devout Hindu and Muslims, and is a beguiling, charming region of fascinating, diverse islands, gelled together by the horrors of slavery and the redemption of liberation movements. From Cuba, to Jamaica, Trinidad and Haiti, the Caribbean is an extraordinary melting pot of cultures, language and stories. Joshua Jelly Schapiro’s brilliant book “Island People” captures the magic of the place.

Come hear about this extraordinary corner of the globe, due South West across the Ocean from us, with one of the world’s experts on the Island People.

Clara Rose Thornton
Clara Rose Thornton

In conversation with Clara Rose Thornton. Clara Rose Thornton is a spoken word artist, culture journalist and radio and television broadcaster whose work focuses on the arts and their intersection with social justice, history, and place.

Clara Rose Thornton will speak over three days at the Dalkey Book Festival in Dublin.  Described by Salman Rushdie as “the best little festival in the world”, takes place every year in June. It was set up by Sian Smyth and David McWilliams in 2010. Since then the festival has hosted internationally renowned writers, including Booker Prize winners, a Nobel Laureate, Impac winners, Oscar winners and Costa winners.

Clara Rose Thornton

The charm of this festival is undoubtedly the intimate nature of the numerous events, which take place in pubs, cafes, shops, schools and the local town hall as well as the medieval graveyard , the secret garden marquee and the Masonic Lodge. Dalkey is the kind of place where you will casually bump into some of the world’s greatest writers, in the parks, pubs and cafes of this compact town.

To get a feel for the festival’s vibe, click here for a collection of Festival videos.


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