Sunday, March 28th at 10:45 (movie playback starts 11:00) to 14:00

Bio Rio, Hornstull Beach 3, Subway Hornstull

St. Louis Blues
Directed by Dyana Gaye
Senegal (2009), 48 min
Language: French, Wolof, English subtitles

In a dusty parking lot in Dakar waiting six passengers and a tired driver impatiently for a seventh show up, so that they can come off on its journey to St. Louis. Then, suddenly breaking one of the passengers out of an irritated song – “Come then, sometime, so we’ll go!” And the film turns into something as unexpected as a mixture of song and dance film à la Jacques Demy French fifty and a road movie in today’s Senegal. A small film that breathtaking smile that may move in time with the music.

You buy your ticket to the movie breakfast of Bio Rio, . It costs SEK 150 (including breakfast). The ticket then you show up at CinemAfrica info table during breakfast, film, and pay £ 150 for your membership card and CinemAfrica movie Moolaadé.

FILMAFRIKANA – Norway’s first African film festival!

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