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EDIC is a high-profile international conference aiming at presenting and discussing innovative and successful strategies and trends in the fields of business, research, education and further training, society and media that are directly related to shifting market trends, global competitiveness, corporate sales and marketing.

EDIC 2012 is proudly hosted by Vienna Chamber of Commerce and Industry and takes place from 1-2 March 2012 in Vienna and will be bringing together over 200 participants from Europe and around the world.

Target audience includes national and international CEOs, HR and CSR managers, diversity professionals, corporate practitioners, policy makers, academics, media representatives, etc.

We are looking for open-minded persons with a strong passion for new challenges, who have a talent in sales and marketing, have excellent professional and corporate connections and networks in the area of D&I, HR, CSR, etc. and have creative skills in sponsorship and customer acquisition.

Earn extra money by providing your colleagues, business partners and companies in your network the privilege to take active part in shaping the EU Diversity and Inclusion Debates and benefiting from our diverse topics, insights and expertise of our high-level speakers and conference atmosphere!

Do not miss out on this opportunity to promote Europe’s groundbreaking D&I Congress.

Your task: acquiring sponsors and selling EDIC conference tickets in your community or country.

Our offer: highly attractive commission, flexible working hours, teleworking, access to our international network of top D&I specialists, the chance to work from anywhere, and to decide how much extra money to earn, ranging from €70,00 to €4,000 per acquisition!

Take a look at our website www.diversityleadership.eu for more information about our congress. Send us an Email or application (including short bio not more 2 pages, indicating your expertise and references today to office@diversityleadership.eu.

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