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Elaine Campbell is designing for renaissance women in the Netherlands

About Elaine:

As a former fashion model and actress, and now as a fashion designer, my inspirations are many. My fashion designs are like poetry in print and motion. This could be credited to my ability to live cross-culturally. I consider myself a world citizen, I am part of many cultures and societies. Yet I remain a country girl at heart.

I started my career in modelling and fashion in Jamaica. I gained my fashion and theatre designing diploma from The Academy of Berchem Antwerpen (BE). I studied humanities, social sciences and law at the Open University, the College of Law in Birmingham (UK), and the University of Amsterdam (NL).

Being born in Jamaica, I have also lived and worked in Belgium and Greece. Presently I live with my family in The Netherlands.

About her creations:

A Renaissance Woman is one who is educated, experienced in many facets of life. She is elegant, independent, resets boundaries, knows her own powers as well as her limitations, is open-minded and progressive, and willing to take steps to enable and empower others. The beautiful woman with brains.

As a fashion designer, Elaine M. Campbell designs for Renaissance Women. Besides fashion, her creative expressions include poetry, social commentary and abstract drawings. Her work is a port of call for Renaissance Woman.

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