Lovely Gorgeous Things

Founded by Vanessa Wallace, Lovely Gorgeous Things are nature inspired, handmade skincare products that are produced using quality natural oils, a variety of natural butters and other ingredients that are kind to the skin.


With prices that are affordable and gentle on the pocket, Lovely Gorgeous Things hopes to make an impression without breaking the bank!

This combined with the use of minimal packaging, means we can be both kind to you and our planet 🙂

To promote beautiful skin and inner gorgeousness across the land!

A wide range of skincare products from beautiful body butters to a footcare range that will make your feet thank you for days!

Shea Body Butters, Luxury Body Oils, Brown Sugar Body Polish, Fabulous Foot Scrub, Peppermint Foot Soak, Calendula Heel Balm, Bath Soaks, Ghanaian Black Soap, and more!

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  1. Hello Black Lady,

    I recently launched my new website for black women,, and am wondering if you could add me to your resource list and blogroll ( I would have emailed, but I can't find the contact link! I have already added you to my resource list on the front page of the site. Thank you!

  2. Thanks, I've added your blog.

  3. “I'm accustomed to the 'Lovely Gorgeous Things' range.
    My favourite is the Citrus body butter and the refreshingly glorious Peppermint footscrub which adorns my tired feet after a long busy day. Ms Wallace's products are simply what it says – Lovely Gorgeous Things!”

  4. I have used these products and must say that I have found them fantastic, I personally have suffered with dry skin on my calves and these natural products have revived my skin and feel divine.

    Forget the store bought chemical enhanced mess you can buy from the store I highly recommend tis product that is what is says on the label and makes ou feel like the lovely gorgeous thing you are

    Nat 32 London

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