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Maria LLerena is the Queen of Salsa in Sweden and a nominee for African-Swedish Woman of the Year

Caramba is run by Maria Llerena. Maria has in her entire life engaged in Afro-Caribbean music, songs and rhythms from her homeland Cuba. Maria has toured internationally in many countries and has performed with many famous artists including Edmondo Ros Orchestra, The Mills Brothers, and Josephine Baker.

Maria became famous in Sweden when she appeared on TV in Hylands Corner 1967 the girl from Havana. Among the Swedish artists including Mary have performed with Maria, and other include Evert and Sven-Bertil Taube, Lill-Babs, Siv Malmqvist and Cornershop.

For the fifteenth year in a row, Maria has arranged Maria Baby Salsa Eurhythmics on Mosebacke terrace. It has become something of an institution for young parents. Many activities are also available in locations around Sweden from Skåne to Norrbotten!

When it comes to arranging entertainment, music, dance and celebration, we at Caramba can organize a good suggestion for a successful event.

Caramba is best remembered for the Salsa Babies / Children rhythm that only we engage in Sweden. Course leader and creator of this method is Maria Llerena.

All Caramba activities, performances and courses start and are continuously carried out on site with clients / customers. Caramba will be happy to come to your home / company / school / party venue and arrange courses.

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  1. Is great to see salsa has gone so far away to countries like sweden

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