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Obama’s Negroid Features and Outrageous Race Theories

A letter from Derbraunemob:

Dear friends,

We are Germany’s first Black media watchdog organization and frankly we’re sometimes overwhelmed by the racist content and language we face on a day to day level.

Please take a minute to view the link (below) to this translation of the german newspaper article from “AZ”, Munich. It is an example -nevertheless a graphic one- of the level of awareness of German media organs.

Some Quotes:

“In the long run, people with dark skin tones have little chances of survival under Northern conditions. Also, their birth rates drop. The reason for this lies in the weather’s impact on their bones. Says Professor Schiefenhövel: “Their bones quickly become soft and warped. The womens’
pelvises become distorted which eventually renders child-birth impossible for them.”

“Barack Obama’s victory means that for the first time a Coloured has been elected into the highest office of the US. His frizzy black hair, negroid lips and dark complexion stem from his parentage…”

Here’s the full translation and link:

Please help Germany’s mediashpere comprehend that the use of racist language and content is harmful and watched with concern from people all over the world. This can not continue. But it will if awareness-levels don’t rise.

You could help for example by writing an e-Mail to the AZ’s editor-in-chief. Or cover the issue in your blog and forward it to counter-racist-organisations.

Mail contact to the newspaper:

Please put us in cc so we can document your opinions (and possible reactions).

Thanks and best,

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