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Paschasie Ganga is the Finance and Administration Director

Paschasie Ganga is European Women’s Lobby’s Finance and Administration Director. Her role is to lead and manage Finance, Human Resources, and Administration, and ensure the smooth running of the EWL Secretariat. She is a member of the Strategic Management Team.

Paschasie joined the EWL in June 2020. Before that, she worked for nearly 15 years as Finance and Administration Specialist for NGOs, SMEs, and women networking organizations throughout France, the Czech Republic, and Belgium. She worked more specifically for IUCN and the Red Cross.

Paschasie is French but is a native of Congo Brazzaville. Raised between Congo, Germany, Russia, and France, where she graduated with a Master in Business Management and a Master in Marketing, she is fluent in both French and English and speaks some Spanish.

Paschasie is passionate about diversity, equality, the role and place of women in society and the economy, as well as nature conservation.

Outside of work, she is active in a project which aims, through arts and culture, to change the way we look at the African continent, its economy, its model, and its contribution to the world. She practices “Soo Bahk Do”, Korean martial arts related to Karate. She loves to explore close and distant lands and enjoys fine dining, arts, design, and new trends.

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