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From England, Diane Corriette

While a large number of people have picked up on the fact that you can make money with a blog that isn’t the only way blogs can be used – blogging can be a great activity to engage in as a way of expressing your thoughts, feelings , opinions and even raising money.

If you like the idea of starting a blog and you are not necessarily motivated by money here are four creative ways to use a blog:

Online Fundraising
Want to raise money for a cause or campaign you believe in? You can start a blog and add a Paypal button to it asking people to donate. Include information on the charity you are raising money for and add photos/videos when they host events. It can become the centre of attention. I set up a sponsorship page for Walk the Walk that I am taking part in and that includes a blog… if you find this article useful feel free to pay it forward by sponsoring me
I have the ability to add a blog post and write about my experience which I will keep up to date.

Get yourself a job
You can reach out to potential employers and share your expertise about your particular industry with a blog. Let them know what you know by writing it all out or making a video blog because it shows innovation and that you are creative. How many people include their blog on their application form? This is particularly useful if you are in management or HR where you have specific expertise you can share but should work for everyone.

Go from semi pro to professional
If you are a semi professional sports person keep a record of your achievements on your blog. Watch your career blossom. Get a family member to record you on video and add it to youtube. My son is heavily into cricket and I am there to record his matches and take photos. I won’t start a blog yet because he is just playing locally but if he decides he wants to go semi professional I will have everything I need to create a blog of what he has achieved so far.

Record your travels or your hobby
So you are a taking a gap year? Keep family in the loop about where you are in the world and what you are doing by starting a blog and writing about it. Or if you are retired and using your time to see the world let friends and family know where you are.

Can you think of other creative ways to blog? Do you have a blog right now or are you hoping to start one? They are such wonderful ways to connect and communicate. You are only reading this thanks to the BWIE blog – they really do help people connect. If being a professional blogger is something you would like to consider join me at Blog Success http://www.blogsuccess.com/diane

Diane Corriette

Diane Corriette is Membership Manager of Blog Success – an organisation dedicated to helping people make money online using a blog. The site has a member’s forum where you will find Diane supporting and coaching members to build their blog. If you want to start an online business go to http://influencer.biz.

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