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Using social media on a daily basis, essentially in a professional context and -to a certain extent, privately as well (make things like scheduling, taking notes, booking tickets far much easier and funnier) I had a thought of how I could describe my “being social”, the other day, on my way to a barcamp.

It is no secret that you must build a consistent profile online if you want to grasp a chance that it is going to be useful at a certain point. Going further, it is more what people would think about you or retain which is a key. Being social online has exactly the same value than a social event you join as a “business owner” or a “jazz fan” or a “contemporary art lover”, just be there for what it is, find the right balance when considering what it is, that is all, not what others WANT you to be.

If building a profile can be easily done, here and there, the multiplicity of online tools make things harder when it is time to sum up details on a global e-platform. Plus, the frontier between private and professional spheres must be clearly outlined for you AND for your connections. As far as I am concerned, one un-appropriate drift, you are out! This is me, of course and in the end I could understand that a “connection” does the same if -for some reason, I no longer have any value for him/her.

This is directly connected to what is above. All in one, if the previous are weak, you being social CAN be tricky. I am not pretending that you must have a Facebook account to be social… Not at all!… I am just re-ajusting the exact value I give here to “being social”: it is being social online and being the same … in reality.

When I met Adrianne (my dedicated editor here), it was online and … in a social context. Being social on that precise moment, was finding a community, accurate to ONE side of me: a Black woman in Europe. There might be other communities like BWIE™, but for some reasons, being social here, added to people I met there, meet my expectations. I assume that I could join other types of communities, in connection with diverse topics I find valuable.

“Circling” on Google+, being part of events, planning events … more and more socializing to-do’s… (or at least try, get to know a little bit more about it …)

I could not imagine a social situation online that goes against my values. Tools are numerous and being social is a personal thing raised to the online level under YOUR control.

What is your “being social”?


Laura Bazile is an events professional, loves travelling, meeting & helping people, and is passionate about social media, live & virtual arts, and design.

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