Dounne Alexander

On 7 July 2021, upon preparing to process orders, India realised that our website had been taken down.  We had of course hoped that our Internet Service Provider would have at least given us the courtesy of explaining what part of the ‘contract or terms & conditions’ had been breached to warrant such drastic action, as well as, an opportunity to respond. 

But Alas! this is nothing new. as Natural Advocates have gone through much worse, such as the late Dr. Sebi who won the first Supreme Court case defeating the US Food & Drug Regulator (FDA) by proving that Natural Foods & Traditional Herbal Remedies effectively healed where Pharmaceutical Medication had failed, but sadly he died later under suspicious circumstances. Most recently, Mr. David Noakes who also healed many people from cancer was imprisoned, lost his business, home and was left destitute, due to the UK Medicine Regulator’s (MHRA) ‘questionable’ case against him.

So this is simply history repeating itself… and hence, I do not want people to be angry; but to use this ‘eye-opening’ experience as an opportunity to spread the word far and wide, to make others aware of how the MHRA often operates behind the scenes.

On the other hand, I am determined to remain resolute and will stand firm ‘in my truth’ and hope you will continue this journey with me, to help bring misconduct and corruption within our regulatory system to light.  

With this in mind, in response to the suspension, I sent a ‘Notice to Cease and Desist’ to the MHRA’s Chief Executive Officer – Dr. June Raine and her Investigators – in which I stated:

“Such sinister behaviour – will only serve to reveal to the public – that you are doing so – not for the benefit or protection of ‘public health’, but solely for the benefit & protection of your Pharmaceutical Share-holders profits.”

I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for your wonderful words of support and suggestions; and ask that you bear with us whilst we try to answer your emails and get everything back on track.  If you wish to order products, please phone the office on +44(0)208 470 8751.  

In the meantime, please remember to read the ‘Notice to Cease and Desist.

Dounne Alexander, MBE

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