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FairEssentials www.fairessentials.com is an upmarket online retailer selling quality African & Caribbean foods and gifts. In addition to a range of everyday groceries, FairEssentials also offers a selection of Fairtrade products from Africa and the Caribbean as well as organic foods sourced and produced in the UK. FairEssentials stock raw beauty products including African black soap, shea and cocoa butters. Also, there will be a collection of clothing due to launch in Summer 2009 featuring childrenswear and Fairtrade cottons from Africa.

Convenient, Quality, Service


Located in South London, FairEssentials was founded in 2008 by Joanne Crossley, an experienced supply-chain professional with a passion for African & Caribbean foods. FairEssentials is aimed at time-poor shoppers and discerning consumers who appreciate fine African & Caribbean products and the convenience of shopping online. FairEssentials presents a variety of gourmet foods, gifts, natural beauty products and clothing from the African Diaspora via an easy to navigate, customer-focused website.

FairEssentials Managing Director, Joanne Crossley says; “Our aim is to become the place to go for discerning customers seeking a quality shopping experience for African & Caribbean products. Many of the products have a fantastic story and a heritage behind them. We believe our customers will appreciate this and enjoy the qualities of the fine products on offer.”

FairEssentials Future

Plans to launch a retail store in 2010 are currently being developed. As well as the diverse range of products and friendly customer service, the retail store will also have a relaxing coffee bar featuring African and Caribbean teas, coffees and cocoa drinks. For more information contact:

Tel: +44 (0)20 3287 2490
Email: jmc@fairessentials.com
Web: www.fairessentials.com

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