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Tia’s Mimosa Handmade Products: First Dutch Company for Naturalistas

Meet Marilva Berrenstein: The woman behind the Tia’s Mimosa Handmade Products Brand

I just did the big chop after relaxing my hair and wanted to take care for my natural tresses. I started my business as a young student that could not afford all the products that were imported from the United States. So..I started to experiment myself. Eventually I collected my courage to start my own company in offering natural products to naturalistas.

It is a lot of hard work and many lessons were learned the hard way. Nevertheless, it makes the journey very interesting, to say the least :).

Next to providing products I also give and organize workshops to share and gather information on natural hair care. I hear many stories of mostly women that take that step and go on journey with their hair and friends, family workplace.

I hope my presence can be a point of not only business but also reference for you all. For any questions, remark and ideas, do not hestitate to contact me.

Have fun and many blessings,

Marilva Berrenstein

Tia’s Mimosa Handmade Products will organize a “Meet & Greet” on the 27th of May.

You are all invited to join in and get acquainted with the Mimosa products for curly, coily hair and skin.

There will be special prices, samples, a product demonstration and of course a great gathering of people. All people that join in will receive a Mimosa Goodie Bag.

Do you want to start to stock your jar of Mimosa Cream? Collect a sample. NoLIMIT in Amsterdam ZO.

The tickets can be ordered and paid in advance. Only a paid reservation of a ticket will guarantee you an entrance on that day. Due to a limited number of seats it is advised to order your tickets in advance.

Tia’s Mimosa “Meet & Greet”

27th of May 2012



Geldershoofd 80

1103 BG Amsterdam Zuidoost



We are happy to welcome you at 14.45

Prices of tickets ordered in advance:

€5,00 per person

€7,50 for groups with three people

Children are free

Only cash can be accepted. NO PIN or Creditcards!

Prices of tickets at the door:

€7,50 per person

€10,00 for groups with three people

Children are free

For more information:

Tia’s Mimosa Handmade Products

Marilva Berrenstein

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