Trina was one of the first sisters I reached out too after launching the Black Women in Europe blog in 2006. I profiled her and was delighted to learn that post led to a meeting for her with another sister I profiled. I think it turned into a business relationship.

Trina has been a staunch supporter of my social network and was an original member and now a Beta tester for the new Black Women in Europe Social Network platform. So of course it was a pleasure for me to support her Uncaged Birds project by way of spreading the word and planning to participate in at least one of the round tables.

She is running a Sisters in Europe profile series and while I am dragging my feet in submitting my information, I can’t wait to cross post those profiles here!

So here we go.

Profile #1 is of Noah Sow. I have made several posts about Noah and her musical, theatrical and literary pursuits in Germany and around the world.

Here’s Trina’s take:

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