I’ve been to two casinos in my life, one in Las Vegas and one in Stockholm. Oh, and the ones on cruise ships and at my favorite resort in the Caribbean. In Vegas I tried my hand at Black Jack and the slots. I remember gambling a whopping $60 and being very proud of myself for breaking even. It was something about the thrill of not loosing that I will always remember. Believe it or not I never played Black Jack in a Casino again and only dropped a few coins in a few slot machines. And I’ve actually walked away with a few coins.


But what about Bingo? When is the last time you played Bingo? I used to think of Bingo as a kids game or a game for the elderly or a way for Churches to raise money. I thought of it as a social exercise. But my mother-in-love bought Bingo back to me last Christmas when she gave me and my Swede Bingo cards and we played along with the TV program. I won’ another card for New Year’s Eve but that was the end of my winning streak. But it was fun to play and fun to fantasize about potentially winning a new car, an exotic trip, or cold, hard cash.


Now it’s so easy to pick up a fun game of Bingo whenever you want as long as you have your computer, tablet or mobile phone charged up. partybingo.com has a lot of options for fun Bingo games including Monopoly and Wheel of Fortune (the original versions are two of my personal favorite games). And you can still have the feeling of being social. Chat with other players or join the team tournaments. Can you say Bingo?

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  1. I just got this 2 years ago. This look like I got some jackpot.


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