In a new series of articles, black women living in Europe share their views from the inside. In our third article, Lucie Buissereth shares how much the Swedish countryside means to her. 

Yup, it happened to me and forever changed my life!

Lucie Buissereth in Sweden
Lucie Buissereth in Sweden. Photo Lucie Buissereth.

After 8 grueling months of coaching, training and competing, I needed a “Time OUT”- So it was off to Sweden to see my honey! This was my first trip to Sweden and whilst on the plane, I wondered how I would fare being away from my business and NYC.  Got to Arlanda, picked up my luggage, hurried to the lobby and there stood my gorgeous Swede with yellow flowers in hand and I was like, “YES I’m Home! He said we’d be skipping Stockholm for a few days and doing the “Country”.

Medal winner.
World Jump Rope medal winner. Photo credit Staffan Lindner

I was like “Umm, what? The Country? NO way dude! I don’t do Hilly Billy”, then he said, “Trust me my love”!  Well, I couldn’t resist!

I was seriously jetlagged and fatigued so we called it an early night but was reminded the next day would be “active”. The next morning, we were off on my surprise excursion. OMG! The walk through the Forest and into “Blairwitch Country”.

Walking through the woods.
Walking through the woods. Photo Lucie Buissereth.

I was like,” dude, are you serious?” But the more I walked through the boggy wet grounds, the more my soul said Yes Lucie B! Yes! When we finally got to our destination,

The wow factor.
The wow factor. Photo Lucie Buissereth.

I stopped, took a deep breath and looked out and saw the most magnificent scenery my eyes ever saw! I was speechless! It was a jolt to my senses! The Blueness of the Sea, the Coolness of of the Granite grey Rocks, the Greeness  of the trees, the stillnesss  of the Air, the beautiful Blue Skies, the sounds of the birds all around me! I remember tearing up without even knowing it! I was in the middle of God’s slice of heaven on Earth, unofficially called “Bonaparte Cliffs” right here in Utana Country; I realized right there and then that I was meant to be here, to heal myself, my soul, my spirit!

At peace.
At peace. Photo credit Staffan Lindner

We were only supposed to be in the country for 3 days, well, it ended up being a full 8 days of journaling by the water, walking through the forest, mushroom picking, hugging trees and fishing!

I recommend this beautiful peaceful place for anyone who needs a spiritual and mental Detox from the stress of city life and/or need a re- connect to God and Nature…This is the place!


Lucie Buissereth, AKA- Lucie B is a M.D. turned Regional and National Jump Rope Champion, World Jump Rope Gold, Silver and Bronze Medalist, Arnolds Champion in Speed, and Power N’ Endurance. She is a Jump Rope Master trainer, Boss Lady, Entrepreneur, Owner of Lucie B Jump N Fun, Trainer N’ Coach of “Lucie B’s Rock It Ropers”- NY’s 1st Single Rope Speed Team. She is a Motivator, Ultra-Creative, Out the Box, Super Positive, who is always ahead of the pack, Leading the way to make my dreams come true, making a difference in the lives of other and leaving a legacy of Love and Light for all!

Next month Twaambo Kapilikisha addresses sisters with children “in the middle”.

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