Yoga classes

Starting next month, you’re invited to our free monthly online Yoga classes. We’re taking July and August off and hope you do too.

8 March 2023
International Women’s Day
Theme – Love
Cost: Free

5 April 2023
(Inter)National Selfcare Day
Theme – Compassionate Self forgiveness
Cost: Free

3 May 2023
Pride Month (1 month early)
Theme – Acceptance
Cost: Free

31 May 2023
Memorial Day
Cost: Free

28 June 2023
Cost: Free

20 September 2023
(Inter)National Voter Registration Day
Cost: Free

18 October 2023
World Menopause Day
Cost: Free

15 November 2023
Women’s Entrepreneurship Day
Cost: Free

13 December 2023
St. Lucia-Day of Light
Cost: Free

Here is the link for more information and to register.

Always Home Yoga and I hope you enjoy this series.

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  1. […] We are grateful to everyone who attended and we look forward to seeing you on the mat again in April. […]

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