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  1. Eddie G. Griffin

    I am always amazed at the story about black people in Europe. It shows why our struggle is truly an international one.

  2. Black Women in Europe

    It fascinates me Eddie because so often in the States you only think there are black folks there and in Africa. Maybe you think about Brazil. But we’ve been in Europe for many, many centuries.

  3. Get a grip and take responsibilty

    Doesn’t it worry you that, despite every law and benefit that every white society can hand out to one social group, Black peoples from what ever source (Africa, or Caribbean) remain bottom of every socio economic indicator that can be devised in these societies?

    If, as many black commentators would like to fantasize, it always racism, then how come non white groups such as Jews, Indians, Chinese, and even non muslim Arabs, or just about every other goddam racial group who have arrived on our shores, have managed within one or two generations, to rise from the bottom to somewhere higher up the socio economic ladder, and usually with no financial assistance or legislation to promote them?

    Yet Blacks, Afro Caribbean???s, Negroes, Afro Americans, (or whatever PC term is currently being promoted in order to make you feel good), in every country except wholly black ones, remain bottom of the economic and social heap.

    Why should that be, could it in fact not be racism, but have a connection with the fact that black boys drop out of education in the highest numbers, and with the lowest literacy rates in the US, UK, Canada and elsewhere?

    Or maybe the fact that black women are almost by definition ???single parents???, because many black men apparently believe that women should be classified as ‘Ho’s’, and that fatherhood is solely to do with making black women pregnant, and then turning up again sometime about fifteen years later to borrow money, and claim ???fatherhood rights????

    Or possibly it???s because with one or two noticeable exceptions that I can name on one hand (Colyn Powell (ex US Chief of Staff), Will Smith and Obama Barak), most successful black men have got a trophy white wife? I cite as examples Kofi Annan, and Tiger woods, who both have blonde Scandinavian wives, and in fact just about every black sportsman in the UK (and I assume the US is no different).

    Or then again, it could be the fact that in place of working, a large number of black males appear to believe that the easy money is via functional illiteracy and crime (usually involving violence towards the victim). Consequently blacks make up a disproportionate proportion of the prison population, and not because the police just arrest black males for the fun of it.

    It says a lot, that even black American comedians such as Chris Rock, admit that they are worried when approached by a group of black males, or that Bill Cosby pleaded with blacks to stop blaming the “white man” for their problems and he reiterated his harsh critique of the current state of African-American dependency culture.

    On your link for the ???rally against racism and for reparations??? ??? the poster (and I have to admit the English is so poor that it???s hard to make sense of all of it) appears to believe that blacks are perpetually the victims of racial crimes, however its actually a fact that whites are ten times more likely to be assaulted by a black man, than a black man by a white man ??? and that black men are ten times more likely to be killed by another black man, than by a white man, so surely it???s the black males who are the racists, or is it only white males who are racists?

    Until you stop perpetually sitting with your hands out and a begging bowl, and start working (and I mean at school, as well as in business) then you will remain at the bottom of every heap, disregarded as a group who just can???t hack it in the world.

    Asia is the future now, and they have no truck with Multiculturalism or PC claims for reparations, or that black failure is a result of inherent racism ??? They will just march over the weaker economic groups, and unless black communities get with the program, and stop blaming the world and asking for handouts (sorry reparations), they will be left behind.

    Face the facts, there will be no reparations, you will only get on as a group if you abandon some bad attitudes and look to yourselves for your problems and solutions, and not the whites or anyone else.

    I’ll give you some free advice, they ain’t all your “brothers and sisters” … the lazy and the stupid and the criminal, they hold you back as a group, not propel you forward.

    If enough of you accept individual responsiblity, then there wouldn’t be a need to screech racism at the world. You don’t have an ‘international struggle’, you just have your own attitudes, and if they are negative then that’s what you get.

    Africa is your home continent and it’s a basket case. The issues in Zimbabwe and Kenya, or the massacres in Rwanda and Burundi were not caused by international racist conspiracies, but by black societies failing …. no help needed by institutional racists.

    Finally look to real black heroes to promote amongst black youth instead of the afro centric nonsense that is being promoted as ‘history’ … I came across a list of real black heroes, and roles models that looked impressive to me.

    I’d like to bet that the people on this list would be appalled at what passes for black pride now. They took on the world on alevel field and won without resorting to the racism card.

    No doubt my comment will not be especially welcome but at least it makes a change to self reinforcing comments all agreing that its not anyone’s fault but racists.


    Black heroes:

    Black comedians comments:

  4. The massacres (‘Akin to Genocide’ according to the UN representative) in Kenya, can surely only be classed as “Black Racism”.

    I have read the comments here, and like a previous poster, I am confused why it’s apparently only ‘white’ Americans or Europeans, who are ever called “racists” on Afro American blogs?

    All the evidence surely points the other way … Burundi, and Rwanda were completely tribal and race driven slaughters that took out as many as (900,000 and 350,000) black lives, based purely on their being the ‘wrong’ race.

    I don’t have blog myself, but I read the google blogs, and I find it vaguely disturbing that there appears to be a sort of racial blind spot to the sins of the black community by black bloggers.

    They either ignore any negative issues on crime, drugs, illiteracy and violence etc in the balck community OR in between berating the whites for interfering in Africa they complain that the US, or EU don’t do anything to stop african massacres.

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